Greenport Noord-Holland Noord

Just north of Amsterdam you find the most versatile agricultural area in Europe. Vegetables, meat, potatoes, fish, fruit, flowers and seeds all originate from this region. The strong link in this agri-cluster chain is Greenport Noord-Holland Noord.  


Location Greenport Noord-Holland Noord; regional, national and international

Greenport Noord-Holland Noord is home to Northwest Europe’s food garden. A tremendous variety of vegetables, potatoes and fruit makes its way from the land and greenhouses to consumers in both the Netherlands and abroad. Greenport Noord-Holland Noord is a major supplier of meat and dairy products. Alkmaar is famous for its cheese and fishing is also a major industry in this region. In addition to all of its fresh food and produce, Greenport Noord-Holland Noord is also one of the largest production areas in Europe for flower bulb cultivation, floriculture and ornamental horticulture. And Seed Valley is world leader in seed breeding.

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With its unique versatility, knowledge, and expertise, as well the tremendous productivity of its agribusiness, Greenport Noord-Holland Noord is truly the “green gateway” of both the Netherlands and Europe.

Greenport status

Greenports can best be compared with logistics ‘mainports’, such as Schiphol and Rotterdam. A Greenport is a spatial economic cluster of national importance to which the entire agrifood chain contributes from seed to consumer. In a Greenport we find growers, auctions, trading companies and horticultural suppliers together. Often there are also plant breeders and propagators seeds to be found. Knowledge institutions that are active in horticulture are also included. Because all the important partners are so close to each other, there is an intensive exchange of knowledge and there is mutual collaboration in numerous areas. In this network, companies and knowledge institutes encourage each other to deliver excellence. a diverse range: large-scale and innovative greenhouse horticulture, the largest bulb area in the world, Seed Valley with its international partners, the open-field vegetable production area and large-scale arable farming are all represented here. The sector is extensive in the region. With 14% of jobs, it is a key employer and the added value of the sector is also exceptionally high. We can identify many champions within the various sectors. Vezet, Hessing, Syngenta, Enza, Agro Care Wieringermeer and Dekker Chrysanten are good examples. It’s not just about becoming the champion. The challenge to remain a champion is potentially much greater. To this end, we see a great willingness to innovate in the region. Companies in the seed sector in particular invest a lot in R&D. Major investments are also being made in sustainability. The greenhouse horticulture areas Alton, Agriport A7 and Het Grootslag are an example for the whole of the Netherlands in this area.

Innovative strength

The rich tapestry of agriculture and “green” business makes Greenport Noord-Holland Noord truly unique. With more than 6,500 companies employing 20,000 people and a total production worth more than three billion Euros a year, the agribusiness is one of the economic cornerstones of this region. The province of North Holland actively invests in the development and innovative character of the agri sector. In terms of knowledge development, Greenport Noord-Holland Noord has a number of leading research and knowledge institutions and practical training schools.


Greenport Noord-Holland Noord connects the wide range of agricultural activities and forms a link between the government and knowledge institutions. This “golden triangle” is essential to the strength of the agribusiness as the flywheel of the economy of the Noord-Holland Noord region. Greenport Noord-Holland Noord is situated in a highly strategic and useful location: at a junction of international transport, electricity, and communication networks. And it is only thirty minutes by car from the Dutch capital Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol; with Den Helder and Amsterdam as important seaports. There are direct connections to other “green ports” in the Netherlands such as Aalsmeer, the leading international center for floriculture and ornamental horticulture. But there are also numerous opportunities for crossovers with other sectors, such as the strong food industry in the Zaan region; the fishing industry in IJmuiden, Enkhuizen and Volendam; and the gas and energy sector around Alkmaar.                                               

Seed Valley companies cover 370 hectares of space in North-Holland, spread over 28 locations 

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What Silicon Valley means for IT and software is what Seed Valley means for the development of plant varieties and seed technology. You'll find the most innovative green fingers in the Netherlands. Companies in Seed Valley develop new flower and vegetable varieties: improved varieties that give higher yields, are resistant to drought, or which are suitable for modern cultivation methods.
Seed Valley is where ‘green software’ is developed, the genetic programming that determines how vegetables taste, the color and size of a flower, and a plant’s level of resistance  to diseases. Here, specialists work continually on new plant varieties with higher yields and optimum growth under specific climate conditions.

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The Netherlands is the hub for the international production and trade of horticultural products and plant source materials. The sector is the largest exporter of fresh vegetables in the world and by far the main party in global exports of cut flowers, ornamental plants, flower bulbs, trees, and seed potatoes.