The Golden Triangle

2 november 2016

The close collaboration between business professionals, researchers and the government is the driving force behind the innovative agribusiness. This “triple helix” is what makes GreenPort Noord-Holland Noord strong.

The Netherlands is unique in its approach to innovation and R&D: companies, knowledge institutions and the government work together closely in projects and programs to stimulate innovation. This “triple helix,” also referred to as the “golden triangle,” is the success formula behind the innovative agribusiness GreenPort Noord-Holland Noord. The examples are plentiful: high-quality seeds, smart greenhouses, cultivation in water, robots, multilayer floriculture and intelligent lighting. GreenPort Noord-Holland Noord uses well thought-out and extremely efficient production and supply chains to supply consumers around the world with fresh products daily. The agribusiness in the region is unparalleled in its versatility and it continues to develop through intensive collaboration between entrepreneurs, researchers and policymakers.

Control Tower
The pivotal point of the region’s golden triangle is GreenPort Noord-Holland Noord, which forges connections between companies and sector organizations, the province and municipalities, the Dutch and European governments and various reputable educational and research institutes. It also acts as an intermediary between innovation projects and subsidy applications. “GreenPort Noord-Holland Noord is the control tower that coordinates and facilitates the various flows,” explains foundation chair Rien van Tilburg and program manager Rian van Dam of GreenPort Noord-Holland Noord. The triple helix results in spectacular innovations like cultivation in water and a revolutionary, energy-efficient storage cell for pears. “Other farmers, such as crop farmers, can benefit from the knowledge gained,” say Van Tilburg and Van Dam.

Top Region
Another example of a noteworthy development and innovation is the seed coating process used in Seed Valley. This expertise can also prove useful for flower bulbs. There are countless other crossovers outside the agribusiness, such as with energy at Agriport A7 or the food and health care industries. “Entrepreneurs in GreenPort Noord-Holland Noord are inspired and want to innovate. And we have all forms of agriculture in one single region here. You won’t find that anywhere else in the world,” add Van Dam and Van Tilburg. This unique position makes GreenPort Noord-Holland Noord the top region for
the modern agribusiness sector.